Fattighuset (Organisation name, literal translation: The Poor House) is located at Grønlandsleiret 39, across the street from Grønland Church.

Opening hours:

Reception: Monday to Friday, 09.00-15.30

Food distribution: Wednesday and Friday, 11.00-15.30

Tickets are given out by Grønland Church across the street from 08.30. They also offer a place to stay until Fattighuset (The Poor House) opens.

Clothes distribution: Monday 10.00-11.00 (members only), 12.00-15.30, Tuesday 11.00-15.30

Tickets are given out at the  meeting point across the street from 11.00

The entrance is situated between “Enerhaugen” restaurant and “Fresh Cutz” barbershop, through a glass and metal door. When we hand out food or clothes the door is manned or open, else there’s an intercom labeled “Fattighuset”.

You can commute to Fattighuset using bus 37 to “Politihuset” (50m.) or tram 18 and 19 to “Munkegata” (300m.)

Short term parking ouside, long term parking at “Grønlands Torg” parking complex within walking distance (450m.)